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This is a painting commissioned for a little girl based on the beautiful faraway tree stories. They were my favourites as a child as well so it was lovely re-reading them and a joy to paint. Although I had a few of the original book illustrations to reference, it was really exciting having the ability (now I’m a little older…) to paint all of the characters the way that they were in my head all those years ago!


the faraway tree

Dan helped me put together this time-lapse of the hospital mural. I had some trouble working the camera, so there’s a few big chunks missing I’m afraid, but it still came out pretty good.

I’ve just finished painting a mural in the renal unit at Broomfield hospital in Essex. The ward has recently been moved from the old to the new building, and the patients were quite unhappy with the lack of windows in the place. I was asked to come in and cheer up the waiting room a little- so here’s what I did…